Thai brand specialized in the manufacture of muay thai equipment and contact sports such as muay thai gloves, muay thai shorts and muay thai shin guards. It manufactures and exports directly from Thailand, thus guaranteeing the quality of its products. They sponsor the best competitors in Thailand and have their own Muay Thai competition team.

Yokkao is created in Thailand in 2010 starting the manufacture of muay thai shorts and handmade boxing gloves. In 2011 begins a worldwide expansion that has led it to become one of the leading brands within contact sports. Currently sponsors and supports several of the Thai champions of the moment. Muay Thai and Yokkao boxing equipment stands out for its strength, quality and design. Yokkao gloves are characterized by their tight mold and the quality of the leather with which they are made. Yokkao shin guards have economic ranges in synthetic and natural leather. Muay Thai protections are their specialty like boxing hand wraps and anklets. To emphasize that they have equipment of infantile muay thai. All the equipment is handmade. The shorts of muay thai have traditional cut. We are the official Yokkao store in Spain.

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