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Buddha knuckle protector gel hand wraps
  • Buddha knuckle protector gel hand wraps
  • Boxing bandages Buddha gel

Gel Buddha hand wraps knuckle protector

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Gel Buddha hand wraps bandages. Knuckle protector.

Specific equipment to complement Buddha or other brand boxing bandages. Easy to put on and remove. Its function is to protect the knuckles from impacts. Recommended for people with a strong punch, a lot of weight or who have discomfort in the knuckles when hitting. Do not use as boxing bandages as it does not perform the same functions.

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Gel Buddha wraps boxing bandages.

Gel Buddha boxing bandages economic for muay thai, boxing, kick boxing, MMA, krav maga, full contact and contact sports training. Made of neoprene and inner gel layers in the knuckle area and Velcro elastic closure as if it were conventional boxing bandages. Black design with miniatures of the brand's logo in the hitting area. It stands out for having an excellent value for money compared to gel bandages from other brands.

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