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Utuk top MMA gloves

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Utuk top MMA gloves 

Excellent value for money. The Utuk top MMA gloves are an alternative to good quality MMA gloves but at a much higher price. We do not recommend the use of MMA gloves for punching the punching bag as it can injure the hand or wrist. The design is in black with the brand name in white. They stand out for their comfort and fit to the hand getting a huge sense of security. They are so versatile that you can use them as krav maga gloves or as martial arts gloves that require gripping and striking techniques. MMA gloves designed for beginner and intermediate level. 

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Utuk top MMA gloves

Features: Utuk top MMA gloves are made of high quality and resistant synthetic leather. It stands out for its inner padding of good absorption. It has an entry for each finger of the hand so the hand is very protected including the thumb. Velcro fastening. Elegant black design combined with the brand's logo in white. The Utuk MMA gloves can be used for MMA training although it is recommended to train MMA gloves with more padding in the punching area. They are perfect for training self-defence techniques and some martial arts. 

Sizes: S, M, L and XL. In case you do not find the size of Utuk MMA gloves you need just contact us and we will inform you of the date of entry into our warehouse. 

Recommendations: The MMA gloves are not closed in the finger area, which allows you to hold your opponent or training partner, making it easier to use grappling techniques. We do not recommend the use of MMA gloves for punching the punching bag as they are not designed for that use. Always use boxing wraps when training with the MMA gloves.

Advice: Do not wash in the washing machine. Do not leave indoors after training and air dry in a cool, dry place. It is very important to wash the boxing wraps every day they are used. 

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