Arawaza Heavyweight karate uniform
  • Arawaza Heavyweight karate uniform

Karate uniform Arawaza Heavyweight

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Karate uniform Arawaza Heavyweight

Karate suit approved by the World Karate Federation. It is an Arawaza karate suit with a training cut but due to its weight and versatility it can be used as a kata kimono for competition, especially for children and youth. It is also a good option for exams. Economical shipping Europe. 


Arawaza Heavyweight karate gi

Characteristics : Arawaza karategi made of Canvas cotton with 12 ounces of weight. Karate suit approved by the WKF (World Karate Federation) with a label on the identification flap; so you can use it in competition worldwide. This model is easy to identify within the Arawaza catalog as the jacket features a gray embroidery of the brand's full name on the right chest area. Both the jacket and the pants have a training cut. It should be noted that all the sizes of this model have a rope closure on the pants. It is a very versatile and comfortable all-terrain karate gi kimono that can be used a lot. Does not include the belt.

Karategui sizes : Available sizes from 140 cm to 210 cm without intermediate sizing.

recommendations : As we have commented previously, it is a multipurpose karate kimono so it can be used for daily training at any level and as a kata kimono for children and youth. Keep in mind that even if it has a good weight for competition, we will have a disadvantage compared to other models of the brand that have a specific competition cut, such as the karategui Arawaza kata deluxe. Finally, it is a good value for money option for examination.

Tips : Wash with cold water. When choosing the size you have to take into account that it shrinks a little in the first washes. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will advise you on the size.

karategui arawaza heavyweight

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