Tatami Fightwear

Tatami Fightwear is an emerging brand in equipment and material specialized in BJJ, MMA and contact sports. It stands out for its value for money in its BJJ kimonos and in the designs of its MMA Rashguards and shorts.

Headquartered in England, Tatami Fightwear is rapidly positioning itself at the top of the market for BJJ equipment and MMA material. Their BJJ Kimonos stand out for their high quality at a good price. They work innovating to improve the designs, that is why they have a wide range of models of different weights and qualities.

MMA and BJJ Equipment

It also stands out its wide variety in Rashguard training for its quality and innovative designs that are updated quickly. Do not forget the MMA Fightshorts and MMA gloves.

Another important point of the brand are its gym bags and backpacks designed to carry all the equipment related to contact sports, MMA and BJJ.

We also find the whole range of BJJ belts of great resistance.

Finally, the brand's textiles such as TATAMI T-shirts and BJJ sweatshirts.

TATAMI sponsors numerous competitors of BJJ and MMA internationally and has established itself in the European market and worldwide by maintaining a line of quality and prestige.

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