TAGOYA - Equipment for martial arts and contact sports

Brand specialized in judo suits (judoguis), karate suit (karateguis), martial arts and contact sports.

With 40 years of experience in the martial arts material market with its own manufacture in Spain: Judogis homologated IJF Kappa, Mizuno, Kusakura and Greenhill, Karategis homologated WKF Tagoya, Kappa and Tokaido, doboks, belts, suits and kimonos of martial arts, suits ITF, material ITF, protections ITF, keikogis, kenpogis, kendogis, tatamis, Tagoya and Tokaido homologated protections, gloves, shin guards, helmets, mittens, boxing bandages, boxing bags, boxing gloves, embroidery, books, dvds, swords, kobudo tools, material and accessories for contact and budo sports...

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