Adidas is a world-class brand with many products such as sportswear, handbags and footwear.  Specializing in contact sports and martial arts with products such as hand wraps, karategis, boxing gloves and martial arts protections.



    Canandiense brand specialized in homologated karate karategi and protections. They are specialized in evolving and improving kata Karategi and kumite gi karate for competition. It stands out for the quality and resistance of its products. All Arawaza karate equipment is approved by WKF (World Karate Federation).

  • Booster


    Manufacturer of specialized articles in BJJ, MMA and contact sports in general. It stands out for the quality of its boxing equipment and BJJ being sponsor of numerous champions at European level. 



    Spanish brand specialized with headquarters in Cadiz, is possibly the company specializing in MMA clothing, BJJ and protections and equipment for boxing and contact sports with more growth in the sector. It stands out for its value for money. Specialists in economic boxing gloves and muay thai pack. It revolutionizes the market introducing quality in all the equipment innovating with new designs and materials.



    Charlie is the Spanish brand par excellence. Specialized in Boxing equipment and clothing, Full Contact, Kick Boxing, MMA and contact sports in general.  The company was born in 1987 with the purpose of becoming a reference in the manufacture of boxing equipment. In these years, until today have been positioned as the most recognized brand in Spain and among the best in Europe and the world for the quality of their products.



    DAEDO - Taekwondo, Judo, Karate and other Martial Arts


    DAEDO is a Spanish brand created in 1983 with the firm purpose of being a reference in taekwondo equipment and protections. Little by little it consolidates itself as one of the best in the world and expands the market to other martial arts and contact sports. Nowadays it is a world reference of high quality products and with a great variety in its catalogue.

  • Everlast


    It is one of the best known brands in the boxing world. Originally from the USA, it stands out for its quality, variety and design. They are specialists in boxing gloves and gym equipment such as punching bags, punching balls and speed boosters. Quality boxing equipment with top of the range boxing gloves and boxing helmets for training or competition. It has different ranges and takes design very much into account.



    Brand specialized in martial arts, MMA and contact sports. Extensive catalogue featuring martial arts kimonos and boxing gloves.



    Brand specialized in taekwondo itf and wtf . Also in boxing, martial arts and contact sports .



    Brand with Spanish distribution specialized in equipment and protections for Karate.

  • King Pro Boxing

    King Pro Boxing

    New image of the Thai brand King. It renews its image but it is still one of the most consolidated brands within the specialized material in muay thai. It stands out for its muay thai gloves and specific muay thai shin guards. 



    Kingz is one of the best brands worldwide specialising in BJJ kimonos and BJJ and MMA equipment.



    In March 1947, the LEONE brand was founded in Orlando. It quickly became a benchmark in boxing. From then until today has continued to expand the market into contact sports and MMA.  It stands out for the quality and design of its boxing gloves and the variety of its kickboxing and muay thai equipment. Today the Leone equipment is one of the most demanded and sold worldwide.

  • Manto


    MANTO Clothing is an excellent European brand founded in 2004 in Poland. 

    Its main purpose was to innovate in design looking for elegance and simplicity by developing new materials and printing techniques such as its successful MMA Rashguard or no gi (Lycra). It offers a great variety of BJJ and MMA equipment, standing out for offering a wide range of models. 

  • Mizuno


    Japanese brand specialized in martial arts especially in Judo suits and equipment for training and competition. 

  • NKL


    Brand specialized in martial arts and contact sports. High quality products at very affordable prices. Discover their many products and choose the one that best suits your taste.



    Specialized brand in MMA Clothing such as your Rashguard and MMA Pants such as your fight shorts. Exclusive designs and high quality. 



    Brand specialising in karate equipment and protection. All its products are WKF approved worldwide so that they can be used in kata or kumite competitions worldwide. Punok is a brand of American origin and is one of the best known in the world of karate for its quality and the sponsorship of top level karatekas. 

    Their catalogue includes karate protections (karate shin guards and karate gloves) and karate gi specific for kata or kumite competitions.

  • Raptor


    Specialized equipment in MMA, BBJ and contact sports.



    Shark boxing Spanish brand specialized in material for Boxing, MMA and contact sports. Special mention to gloves, boxing hand wraps and MMA material.



    Brand specialized in mouthguards and protections.



    TAGOYA - Equipment for martial arts and contact sports

    Brand specialized in judo suits (judoguis), karate suit (karateguis), martial arts and contact sports.

  • Tatami Fightwear

    Tatami Fightwear

    Tatami Fightwear is an emerging brand in equipment and material specialized in BJJ, MMA and contact sports. It stands out for its value for money in its BJJ kimonos and in the designs of its MMA Rashguards and shorts.

  • Tokaido


    Japanese brand specialized in the manufacture of Karate clothing, approved protections for kumite and Judo equipment and martial arts. The suits have a traditional Japanese cut in kata suits. In kumite all the protections with which they work are approved by the World Karate Federation (WKF).

  • TopKing


    Muay Thai equipment brand made in Thailand.

  • TWINS Special

    TWINS Special

    Twins Special

    Twins is possibly the best Thai brand of Muay Thai and boxing equipment of quality and prestige. It is headquartered in Bangkok and exports its products all over the world. They sponsor Muay Thai and K1 events and renowned Thai and world competitors. Twins is recognized as a brand of quality and endurance in all its products.

  • UTUK Fightwear

    UTUK Fightwear

    Spanish brand specialising in the distribution of equipment for boxing, BJJ, MMA, martial arts and contact sports. Utuk fightwear was born from our experience acquired over more than 20 years in this sector to introduce high quality specialised products to the market at a good price. It seeks elegance in design and versatility so that its sports equipment can be used in different disciplines.




    At Club de la Lucha we sell Venum's official products. A company of Brazilian origin specialized in MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, martial arts and contact sports in general. Venum has become in recent years a benchmark when it comes to dress wrestlers, especially in MMA and for a few years is one of the most sought-after brands in the world.



    Brand specialized in martial arts.

  • Zebra


    Brand founded in the USA specialising in the distribution of specialised equipment for martial arts and contact sports. Zebra stands out for its elegance and design.