Adidas is a world-class brand with many products such as sportswear, handbags and footwear.  Specializing in contact sports and martial arts with products such as hand wraps, karategis, boxing gloves and martial arts protections.

In the Adidas range of products, we find articles that help us to improve daily training and competition. In contact sports, we highlight hand wraps as protection for hands, wrists and fingers. Available in sizes for children in 2.5 meters and in different colors such as black, red and blue. We emphasize its quality in boxing gloves in synthetic leather. An element that we can not let pass are the boxing boots that provides a grip and stability in daily training and competition as well as firmness when hitting. Any model can be ordered directly from the factory. In the Wrestling section we find the wrestling tight solid both for children and adults in red and blue to optimize your training, and wrestling shoes to improve the position to the ground and avoid injuries. In the world of martial arts, we find in our karate section, world-class uniforms for katas and combat training and competition karategis such as revoflex, adidas elite kigai 2.0 cut Japanese, white champion, k220 club, kumite combat, adistar training, kata elite cut Japanese, kumite adizero and kumite fighter, among other new models to be discovered of this brand. Red and blue gloves and leg protection in different sizes. And to highlight its wide range of belts in all colors. In the Taekwondo section we find its uniform called dobok WTF (World Taekwondo Federation), models such as super master 2, adistar with black and white collar, adi-fighter 3, adi-champ 3 and adi-club 2 and new models to be designed for training and competition. Its protections for children and adults include red, white and blue headgear, chest guard, taekwondo gloves, shin guards and forearm protection. Finally, in the Taekwondo section, we should not forget to mention its footwear to optimize training. We emphasize as an improvement in training the hitting device to do your exercises anywhere and take advantage of the maximum training time. In the world of judo there are white and blue judogi uniforms of different weights in both children and adults, with models of training and competition such as club J350, J300, contest white and blue, champion II blue and white IJF and contest white and blue competition and other models to discover. All the martial arts products are homologated by the international federations of the different disciplines, can therefore be used in any type of championship at national or international level. Regarding the world of fashion, we find T-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuit,  different designs and fabrics. Their bags and training backpacks to carry all your sports equipment, there are complementing with all products of the same brand. Adidas is synonymous with high quality materials from its manufacture to the final product that we enjoy in our day to day, comfortable and durable make this brand worthy of its prestige and it is one of the most sought after.

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