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Karategi Adidas k220 Club

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Karategi Adidas k220 Club

Recommended for its weight and pattern for karate training, although for the little ones and youngsters it can serve as an inexpensive kata kimono. Available in different sizes. Valid for beginners and karateka in progression.


Karate kimono Adidas k220 Club

Characteristics: Adidas karate kimono for daily training made of cotton polyester with a weight of 220 gms m2 so it is a light karate suit that allows good freedom of movement. Made up of a jacket with a traditional Japanese cut and wide leg pants and an elastic waist for a better fit. Karate suit approved by the WKF. Does not include the belt.

Sizes: Available from size 110 cm to 200 cm without intermediate sizing.

recommendations: Karategi to train daily. Can be used for children's beginner competition.

Tips: Wash in cold water and do not tumble dry. Buy a size larger than the one that corresponds to height since it shrinks with the first washes.

Kimono Adidas k220 Club

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