Spanish brand specialized with headquarters in Cadiz, is possibly the company specializing in MMA clothing, BJJ and protections and equipment for boxing and contact sports with more growth in the sector. It stands out for its value for money. Specialists in economic boxing gloves and muay thai pack. It revolutionizes the market introducing quality in all the equipment innovating with new designs and materials.

Possibly Buddha Fight Wear is the Spanish brand with more projection in the distribution of equipment for MMA and BJJ, highlighting the BJJ Gi at a very interesting price. To this we add their great variety in designs and great value for money in boxing gloves. Also noteworthy is the creation of the muay thai pack where you can purchase all the equipment muay thai or boxing for beginners at a very reasonable price. Your MMA and BJJ clothes are very popular for their textile section such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and boxing sweatshirts. We can not forget their protections that stand out in their quality. The brand is becoming better known thanks to the championships and champions of different contact sports that work with it.  In recent years is being recognized in other countries in Europe and the world. Within its catalogue we can find equipment approved by the Spanish federation of kick boxing and muay thai. In the gym equipment are also specialists especially in long boxing bags and boxing mittens to improve accuracy. 

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