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DAEDO is a Spanish brand created in 1983 with the firm purpose of being a reference in taekwondo equipment and protections. Little by little it consolidates itself as one of the best in the world and expands the market to other martial arts and contact sports. Nowadays it is a world reference of high quality products and with a great variety in its catalogue.

Undoubtedly one of the references in Spain and in the world in Taekwondo Doboks, kata karategis and kumite and judogis training and competition. Wide catalogue, with spaces for other martial arts and to a lesser extent contact sports. The karate equipment and judo equipment are approved worldwide by the WKF and World Taekwondo respectively to compete anywhere on the planet. Excellent value for money.

DAEDO, Passion for Taekwondo.

Since it was created in 1983 in Barcelona, DAEDO has offered a wide range of products with an excellent value for money to all martial arts practitioners around the world, with a great commitment to the progress of Taekwondo and other martial arts. Just one year later DAEDO became the official sponsor and supplier in the world taekwondo championship in 1987. Later, it was the official supplier for the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. Since then, daedo has successfully participated in numerous international taekwondo events, such as several world taekwondo championships and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games among others.

International recognition of DAEDO

After the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) today decided to introduce a marking system with an electronic chest protector to ensure fair play in Taekwondo competitions and maintain taekwondo as an Olympic sport in the future. Daedo bets on taekwondo with passion, which has made them take on the challenge of developing the protector & scoring system. Therefore, daedo and truescore joined forces to contribute to the progress of taekwondo through the development of tk-strike.
Since 2002 the doboks of taekwondo, tatamis and DAEDO protections are approved by the World Taekwondo. After a long process, in 2010 the approval of the electronic chest protection system for WTF taekwondo competitions was also obtained.


Daedo has undoubtedly become one of the largest companies in Spain in terms of taekwondo equipment, martial arts and something less in Contact Sports. This makes it a reference when choosing a manufacturer of Martial Arts products.

DAEDO Quality

Talking about Daedo is synonymous with quality. Their uniforms have an excellent finish and use quality materials to make them so their durability is more than contrasted. Their dobok and uniforms will last you many years if you take good care of them.
Daedo supplies doboks, judoquis, karateguis and other uniforms of different disciplines to the whole world, besides all the necessary equipment for training and competition of Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, etc.

At CLUB DE LA LUCHA we have been selling our products for more than 15 years, as DAEDO offers the whole range of martial arts uniforms (karategis, judoguis, doboks, etc) and karate and taekwondo protections such as chest protector, headgear, gloves, and other material, but always looking for quality and excellence in their products. We can guarantee that it is a brand that will never disappoint you.

DAEDO Equipment

Its range goes from basic equipment for beginners or training and its specific competition material. Taekwondo headgear, guantillas, shin guards, etc. have become common in all national and international gyms, events and competitions. Without a doubt, when thousands of martial arts practitioners trust Daedo it is for a reason. In our website you can find from basic dobok from 20 and a few euros, to taekwondo competition equipment. They stand out for being homologated worldwide by the WORLD TAEKWONDO.

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