Kingz is one of the best brands worldwide specialising in BJJ kimonos and BJJ and MMA equipment.

Brazilian brand that emerged in 2011 specialising in BJJ and MMA equipment, although the creator of the brand already had a long experience in the distribution and manufacture of these products.  Kingz is a brand recognised worldwide for its quality, comfort and for sponsoring such important BJJ athletes as Andre Galvao, Leandro Lo, Mackenzie Dern and Mica Galvao, and is currently one of the leading brands in the world.

It also stands out for its focus on women's equipment, especially in BJJ suits and rashguards. 

Their designs are usually very elegant and discreet, with the brand's logo standing out. It has a great variety of kimonos for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in all price ranges and with different weights, being the best known the Kingz Ballistico kimono and the Kingz One kimono.

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