In March 1947, the LEONE brand was founded in Orlando. It quickly became a benchmark in boxing. From then until today has continued to expand the market into contact sports and MMA.  It stands out for the quality and design of its boxing gloves and the variety of its kickboxing and muay thai equipment. Today the Leone equipment is one of the most demanded and sold worldwide.

Italian brand specialized in the manufacture of boxing equipment, MMA and contact sports. It stands out for the design and quality of its kickboxing gloves valid as boxing gloves and muay thai gloves. In relation to the protections stand out its shin guards of muay thai available for training and competition, the boxing hand wraps have an incredible design available in measures of 3.5m and 4.5 meters. Another aspect to highlight is the textile, above all are the Leone t-shirts. Do not forget the variety of backpacks and bags of great quality and space. The Leone equipment is well known as they sponsor different events and international competitors of great renown. Leone is a company that takes its time in the designs, in the qualities and in optimizing the performance of its protections.

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