TWINS Special

Twins Special

Twins is possibly the best Thai brand of Muay Thai and boxing equipment of quality and prestige. It is headquartered in Bangkok and exports its products all over the world. They sponsor Muay Thai and K1 events and renowned Thai and world competitors. Twins is recognized as a brand of quality and endurance in all its products.


Twins is one of the best brands in the world in muay thai equipment, MMA and contact sports. It emphasizes the quality, robustness and design of its boxing gloves handmade in leather of first quality of handcrafted form. Muay Thai shin guards and boxing protections such as Muay Thai bandages and training and competition helmets. There is more variety and design is in the Muay Thai shorts section where they offer a short and tight model. The Twins punching bags and the training paos are also of great quality. All Twins equipment is handmade from the best raw materials. From its factory in Thailand it exports all over the world so that all its products have the quality of origin. Twins only works with high-end gloves recommended for medium and advanced level in the daily training of Muay Thai, boxing and contact sports. In our Twins store you will also find the latest Twins gloves with forearm protection. 

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