NKL training karategi white belt included
  • NKL training karategi white belt included
  • NKL training 8 oz karategi white +white belt included

Karategi NKL training white 8 oz + white belt included

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Karate kimono NKL training white

8 oz karate suit recommended for daily training. Japanese cut. Available in children and adult sizes. Excellent value for money karate clothing. WHITE BELT INCLUDED. This model of karate suit is composed by jacket and trousers with a good thickness of the fabric better than other models of karate suits of less grammage for the same price as for example the economic Tagoya karate suit. Karategi with sizes up to 2 metres. 


Karategi NKL training white

Features: Made of 8 oz. cotton with open jacket in plain fabric and plain karate trousers both with training cut. This karate kimono is perfect for children and beginners who want to start training on a daily basis. The design is traditional in white with a couple of innovative touches like embroidery on jacket with small brand logo and trousers with elastic waistband and inner drawstring for a better fit. Very light and comfortable. WHITE BELT INCLUDED.

Sizes: Available from size 000 /110 to 7/200. If you have any doubts about the sizes, please contact us. We advise you to buy one size bigger than the height of the person who is going to wear it. 

Recommendations: It is perfect as a karate suit for children and youngsters with an excellent price and it can be used both for training and to enter the world of competitions at beginner level. By including the white karate belt it is a money saving advantage.

Tips: Do not wash in hot water, as it does not come pre-shrunk, there is a risk that it will shrink too much and become unusable. When washed in cold water it will shrink a couple of fingers in the first few washes. Do not tumble dry this NKL karategi. 

Karategi NKL training blanco DS

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