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Hakama Poly-Rayon Fuji Mae BLUE

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Hakama Poly-Rayon Fuji Mae Blue

Blue kendo Fuji hakama not to ask Japan for this specific garment. This iaido Fuji hakama is the best model that we find in the Spanish market for its traditional cut and fabric quality. Blue kendo Fuji hakama with an excellent quality-price ratio. For the purchase of this iaido Fuji hakama you have cheap international shipping. You can find it in black colour in our website.

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Hakama Poly-Rayon Fuji Mae blue

Features: blue kendo Fuji hakama made of 35% rayon and 65% polyester with pleats in front and back. Light and comfortable material. Traditional cut, very colourful. Traditional string fastening.

Sizes: hakama iaido Fuji available in sizes 160cms to 179cms. Available in blue and black colour.

Recommendations: You can use the iaido Fuji hakama in martial arts like kendo and aikido.

Hakama Poly-Rayon Fuji Mae AZ

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