Arazawa Karate Belt orange/green
  • Arazawa Karate Belt orange/green

Arawaza karate belt orange green

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Karate belt Arawaza orange green

Without a doubt, the Arawaza orange/green karate belt is a good choice to buy if you need an economical karate belt for training and for competing in some karate competitions. It is valid as a taekwondo belt but also for other martial arts and contact sports. In our karate shop you will find the different sizes available: 240cms (child), 270cms (youth), 290cms (adult), 310cms and 330cms (extra adult) and different colours. Arawaza clothing essential for training.

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Belt karate Arawaza orange green

Features: The Arawaza karate belt orange/green is made of high quality cotton. It feels good to the touch, light and economical. Arawaza belt is very versatile as it is suitable for karate and other martial arts; also for contact sports. Brand logo on the end of the belt. Different sizes. Colour orange/green. Within the karate equipment it is essential to be able to train. The martial arts belts differentiate the degree of knowledge of the students. In our official Arawaza shop you will find any Arawaza belt in the colour you need.

Sizes: 240cms / 270cms / 290cms / 310cms.

Recommendations: This Arawaza belt is very versatile and economical as it can be used in any martial art or contact sport. It has more quality than belts of the same range offered by other brands

Cinturón Arawaza naranja/VE

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