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Handwraps muay thai Utuk camo green

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Utuk camouflage muay thai hand wraps

Utuk kick boxing bandages also available in black, blue, lime green, red and urban camo. They stand out for their high quality and resistance. It is a very important boxing equipment to protect your hands, fingers and knuckles being the perfect accompaniment to the boxing gloves. Take advantage to equip yourself with this material in contact sports in general. These boxing wraps measure 5 metres and are made of polyester cotton (semi-elastic). 


Utuk muay thai green camouflage bandages

Features: Utuk muay thai hand wraps are made of polyester cotton (semi-elastic fabric), thumb guide to help start the bandage and velcro fastening. Brand logo on the velcro fastening area. Spectacular value for money being an economical boxing bandages and a similar quality to the most expensive boxing bandages on the market. The muay bandages are essential for daily training. Important to protect your hands when punching and avoid injuries to fingers, hands or knuckles.   

Sizes: 5-metre boxing hand wraps in different colours (black, blue, lime, red and urban camo).

Recommendations: for use in different disciplines in contact sports such as boxing, muay thai, krav maga, kick boxing, full contact, K1, etc. High quality material to protect you and avoid injuries. Semi-elastic fabric to better fit your hands.

Advice: DO NOT wash these 5meter Utuk bandages in the washing machine, it is better to put them in a container with soap and water. DO NOT tumble dry, it damages the fibres. Leave to dry in the open air.

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