Utuk boxing mouthguard gel

Utuk boxing mouthguard gel

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Utuk boxing mouthguard gel

Excellent value for money. The Utuk gel boxing mouthguard protects your teeth, mouth and jaw so you can train daily martial arts and contact sports in complete safety. Thanks to the gel technology, this boxing mouthguard moulds and adapts very well to the mouth, improving the quality of the simple boxing mouthguard. Includes the plastic box with the brand's logo design. Inside you will find the boiling instructions to adapt it to your mouth. The use of the boxing mouthguard is very important and essential for training and compulsory in competition. You will find this and other models of mouthguards available on our website.


Utuk boxing mouthguard gel

Features: The Utuk gel boxing mouth guard is made of silicone with a gel interior. Comfortable and resistant, you can use it for daily boxing, kick boxing, muay thai or martial arts training. Includes storage box with brand logo. 

Size: one adult size. From 8 years old and up. 

Recommendations: Always use the boxing mouthguard and avoid unnecessary injuries. Boxing mouthguards with built-in gel are much better than simple boxing mouthguards as the gel improves the hold of the mouth allowing you to open your mouth safely during training to breathe better. It is also better than the professional boxing mouthguard because you only need to fit it with hot water. To save money you can buy this gel boxing mouthguard in the kick boxing and muay thai equipment pack together with boxing gloves, muay thai shin guards, boxing hand wraps, muay thai ankle wraps and a mesh bag. 

Tips: Rinse and dry thoroughly after each use. Always store in the box.

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