Conoce la marca Buddha Fight Wear

It stands out for its value for money. They are specialists in economic boxing gloves and Muay Thai packs. They revolutionize the market by introducing quality in all their equipment, innovating with new designs and materials. It should be noted that it is a very well known brand due to its value for money, as market demand is always looking for a high percentage of quality but at the lowest possible cost. They have different models of products and you could highlight many of them. In gloves they have economic ranges since their raw materials are not of extreme quality but they do offer a considerable quality and durability, hence much success within the Buddha brand.  The products they offer apart from boxing gloves, we could highlight a best-selling product such as the tibial protection also called shin guard also called shin guard in the jargon of Kick boxing, is one of the best products if not the star product.  It has a comfort and lightness, which makes it an optimal comfort. A few years ago they opened the market in the discipline of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grapling by manufacturing kimonos also called GI with a cut and performance that very soon became the talk of most gyms due to the quality of their material and at prices that were dizzying compared to other brands. The trousers, tights and lycra have a bombproof sublimation print and once again at very competitive prices. In short, it is one of the best brands in the country due to the wide variety of products available in its catalogue and its quality par excellence.

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