Today we are talking about a very consolidated Spanish brand in the boxing world.

The Charlie brand was born in 1987 and soon became number 1 in Spain and among the best in the world, thanks to its desire to improve in quality, design, etc .... Being this recognised by all the International and National Federations with its famous professional gloves V-I, Danger, No Remorse or the no less famous training gloves BAT-X which later gave way to the Gel glove and the Golden Line series. Years ago, the brand has always been committed to sportswear such as tracksuits, T-shirts, anoraks, sweatshirts, footwear, jackets, etc., and today they are a reference for gyms and for those who never set foot in a gym.

They have different models, characteristics and colours. An endless number of products all related to contact sports, as they are not only specialised in boxing but also in a wide range of disciplines, always offering top quality and very competitive prices. Years ago you could already see the emblem of their brand printed on their gloves, and above all in the rings that were set up for televised and non-televised events, whether in events or in gyms where they have always had their best version to test quality by giving exhaustive and high intensity training and always covering their expectations, as well as testing the skin on the outside, and of course their inner foam, stitching etc.... Charlie is a brand today ranked as the best in the market, given its age has been able to develop all the experience and technology of yesteryear to the present and has always been able to be at the height according to the demand of boxing, giving each model of boxing gloves a different orientation for each of the trainings carried out. Many of the boxers of previous years only used the Charlie brand as essential boxing equipment, not only as protection but also as clothing and sports equipment. World champions such as Javier Castillejo, Policarpio Diaz "Poli Diaz"  and numerous well-known names that have been a reference of Spanish sport have been the best advisors of the same brand as it was sponsored by the Charlie brand crossing borders and countries. Within all that covers the Charlie brand we can assure the quality of their garments in both casual wear or training clothes, also specializing in professional boxing trousers not only have to be a boxer to dress with this brand as it has casual clothes to go to fashion. Made from satin and elasticated waistband for comfort, they also offer great comfort when moving on the boxing mat. The gym equipment such as gym bags, gym bags, gym bags, gym pears, etc... are of high quality and are available in a wide range of colours.  If you like contact sports and you want to have a material of guarantee and quality, this is one of the best brands on the market, many years at the top guarantee them and as they say ....

 See you in 25 years ... Charlie Made in Hell

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