Muay Thai Pants

The Muay Thai shorts are unique shorts with Thai origin with a specific cut, own characteristics and different designs either embroidered, printed in sublimation or customized, so it can be clearly differentiated from other types of trousers for different disciplines, such as boxing, k1 etc...

Among many features we can mention that they are made of satin fabric which is a very comfortable fabric and evacuates sweat very well avoiding sticking when training. Another feature is the elastic waistband, which allows us to choose the correct size, as we have a half-size range when stretching or shrinking the elastic. Many of the models have a drawstring on the inside to finish the fit and adjust it as much as possible to our size.

The leg area is wide enough to be able to kick and have maximum freedom of movement. They have reinforced seams and reinforcement zones in vulnerable areas.

The designs are where there is a great variety and where the brands play their best models. You can choose between embroidery that can be names, drawings or whatever you want to wear on the trousers. Normally the ones that go for the typical Thai style orientation are embroidered and brightly coloured. Then there are different prints such as vinyl, printing or sublimation, the latter is the most durable when it comes to washing and hardly has any wear and tear of the print by use.

It is necessary to take into account that when washing them they can suffer some typical mishaps of the embroideries as it is to unravel when spinning fast in the washing machine as it is the centrifugation. It is recommended to wash them whenever they are used as the sweat remains impregnated, always in cold water and when hanging them exposed to the sun, it is best to wash them the other way round to avoid the wear and tear of the sun on logos, embroidery and seams.

Within all this are the children's models because nowadays there are more and more children doing this beautiful sport that as long as it is done with responsible and professional people entitled has only benefits not only in behavior but in healthy habits. The little ones of the house have their own corner in the corresponding gyms where they can get their energy up, work with their classmates and gain a lot of self-confidence, which is very important nowadays to put an end to the scourge of bullying.

These models of trousers are unisex, that is to say they are valid for both sexes, each one choosing the design and colour of the same. They are all of the same cut or pattern we could call them, but it is true that there is a wide range of brands, designs and colours.

They come in different sizes but normally they are like the European sizes XS,S,M,L,XL although when you read the word retro on some models we recommend that you always buy one size more than you usually use, because these retro models are usually smaller than normal trousers and are much tighter, hence the size more when you buy them

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