Highly regarded among the martial arts community, Hayabusa has ranked among the great high-performance MMA and apparel brands. Hayabusa is a trusted brand for elite athletes around the world.

Hayabusa - the true spirit of a fighter

The name "Hayabusa", translated from Japanese, refers to the peregrine falcon. This predatory hawk possesses the perfect fusion of speed, power and endurance and is renowned for its extraordinary ability to strike with precision and fierce intensity. The Hayabusa hawk symbolizes the ideal mesh of what combatants strive to achieve in their relentless pursuit of combat supremacy. So at his very core, Hayabusa embodies the true spirit of a fighter.

With performance gear and apparel driven by innovation, advanced technologies and sophisticated designs, it is clear Hayabusa is committed to creating the best MMA products imaginable. Each and every one of its products undergoes rigorous planning; development and testing procedures to ensure designs are perfected. To get started, Hayabusa Research and Development

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